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Meetings & Reports


Parish Council Meetings:

Are held in the Village Hall at 7pm on Wednesdays (unless stated otherwise) as listed below. You are very welcome to come and listen. The public cannot speak or address Councillors at a meeting but are invited to comment on agenda items at the beginning and on outcomes at the end. Debate will not be entered into.  

Meetings may be filmed or recorded providing certain guidelines are followed. These may be seen by clicking on FILMING.  If you wish to have an item included on the agenda, please contact the Parish Clerk at least two weeks before a meeting.    

If you would like to become a Councillor, please contact the Clerk by email. 

The meeting dates are shown below and are currently being held at the village hall. Please check here for further information as it becomes available:


Wednesday May 24th 2023 AGM


Wednesday May 24th 2023 APM


  • 24th May - APM and AGM
  • 12th July
  • 27th September
  • 29th November

Click on an Agenda to see what's being discussed. 

These, and any additional meetings, will be advertised on the Parish notice boards outside the shop, the village hall and at Priory Court. Additional meetings are arranged as necessary to consider planning applications if the Council proposes to comment on them.  Some of the additional meetings may be in the cricket pavilion on the sports field.

The minutes of meetings may be found on the Parish Notice Boards or below.  




January 11th January 12th  January 13th
March 29th  March 23rd March 21st  
  May 11th APM  May 26th - AGM  
  May 11th AGM  June 28th  
   July 27th  July 28th  
   September 28th  September 27th  
   November 30th  November 24th 
  June 29th  Additional Meeting  


The Annual Parish Meeting and AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 11th May 2022.

Below are the submitted reports from local organisations:-


 East Suffolk District Councillors 

Parish Chairman

 Home Farm

 Poor Field

Orwell Astronomical Society

 George Court

 Priory Court

Community Council

Cricket Club

 Nacton & Bucklesham U5



 Primary School

Orwell Park School

 Village Hall

 Nacton WI

 Nacton Village Hall  St, Martins Church