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Meetings & Reports


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Parish Council Meetings:

Are held in the Village Hall at 7pm on Wednesdays as listed below. You are very welcome to come and listen. The public cannot speak or address Councillors at a meeting but are invited to comment on agenda items at the beginning and on outcomes at the end. Debate will not be entered into. The way the Council operates is governed by The Standing Orders. To see them click on ORDERS

Meetings may be filmed or recorded providing certain guidelines are followed. These may be seen by clicking on FiLMING.  If you wish to have an item included on the agenda, please contact the Parish Clerk at least two weeks before a meeting.    

If you would like to become a Councillor, please contact the Clerk on 07734 720662 or you can email from this website.  

The 2021 meeting dates are shown below and may continue to be held on Zoom. Please check here for further information as it becomes available:


Wednesday 13th January  Agenda                              
Wednesday 31st March     Agenda
Wednesday 26th May (AGM And Parish Meeting)  
Wednesday 28th July


Wednesday 29th September  
Wednesday 24th November  


Click on an Agenda to see what's being discussed.


These, and any additional meetings, will be advertised on the Parish notice boards outside the shop and at Priory Court. Additional meetings are arranged as necessary to consider planning applications if the Council proposes to comment on them.   Some of the additional meetings may be in the cricket pavilion on the sports field.

The minutes of meetings may be found on the Parish Notice Boards (outside the shop and at Priory Court) or below.  




Jan 13th Jan 22nd  Jan 23rd 
Mar 21st   24th June  Mch 27th
  Sept 30th   Apr 24 - Parish
  Nov 25th   May 22nd - AGM
    July 31st
     Sept 25th
    Nov 27th


The Council publishes many documents. To see what is actually available, click HERE. 

There is a timetable for their review, you can see it by clicking on Timetable 

Financial information:

Please click on the documents to see contents:-

April 2018 to April 2019 Budget 18 - 19

Accounts to E.O.Y

  2018 Community Infrastructure Report 
  Spend over £100 to Year End
  Bank Reconciliation E.O.Y 
  Explanation of Variances 
  Annual Return
April 2019 to April 2020 Budget 19 - 20
  Accounts to EOY
  2019 Community Infrastructure Report
  Spend over £100 to Year End 
  Bank Reconciliation E.O.Y 
  Explanation of Variances
  Annual Return
 April 2020 to April 2021 Budget 20 - 21
  Spend to 13/01/21


The Parish Council's financial actions are governed by many regulations. To see those that control the financial activities click on FINANCIAL REGULATIONS

The annual accounts for last year ( April 2019- April 2020 ) will be available for public inspection between Monday 6th July 2020 and Friday 14th August 2020 by application to the Clerk.

The formal Public Rights Notice can be read HERE  

Please  note that the "Annual Return" above includes the sign-off by an auditor (a paid for service external to the Council).

If you wish to contact the auditor the details are:

PKF Littlejohn LLP, ! Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD.  Click HERE for Website 


Although the Annual Parish Meeting was cancelled, here are the reports from local organisations:-

Suffolk County Council

Chairman's Report

Village Recorder

Community Council

Nacton Cricket Club

Poors Land Trust

Women's Institute

Village Hall

St Martin's Church

Priory Court

Tree Warden

George Court

Orwell Park School

Orwell Astronomical Society




The Parish Council undertakes training of it's members. You can see details of the Training Policy by clicking on TRAINING  


Land & Buildings: 

The Council owns the War Memorial which counts as a building. It also owns some land. To see what is involved click HERE



The Council publishes an analysis of risks associated with the parish and possible actions. Click on RISK to see it.  


The Council's Action Plans:

What the Council wishes to achieve can be seen by clicking on ACTION


The Council also has a plan for emergencies. To view it click on EMERGENCY