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Do you have any photographs of Nacton Parish land before the second world war?  Please contact the clerk if you do!



Connecting Communities is a transport service provided by Suffolk County Council designed to help people travel around the county of Suffolk who might not have access to a regular bus service.  Find out more information HERE.


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 If you are new to the area there's some really useful information - Nacton Guide 2023.


Have you seen a large pothole or flooding in the road?  Is there anything else that is concerning you about the state of the roads and verges in the village? If so click here and report it to Suffolk Highways.  The more complaints that are received, the more likely something will be done about it.





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For your local road-works click Roadworks and enter Nacton into the search box.


      If you wish to add information, comment on a page or if you have a community event to advertise 

please email the Parish Clerk 



Donate your unwanted clothes at the village hall. All donations will be recycled or re-used.

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Suffolk supports the cost of living

The Local Welfare Assistance Scheme helps those experiencing financial hardship, including
access to items like household furniture and white goods, fuel vouchers for electricity and
gas top-ups, supermarket vouchers, and contributions towards increasing costs during the
winter months.  Local organisations across Suffolk can submit an application for support, on behalf of an
individual or family. These organisations include Citizens Advice Bureau, district and
borough councils, health services and voluntary organisations. A list of these organisations,
who will assess circumstances and submit applications, is available here.

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