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Notice of Vacancy

There is a vacancy for ONE parish Councillor. 

Candidates should give notice to the Returning Officer

at Melton by 1st July 2021. 

If insufficient notices are given, the Parish Council will fill

the vacancy by co-option

You can see the full notice by clicking on Vacancy  

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Notice of Election

There is to be an election for ONE parish Councillor.  

Completed nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer

at Melton not later than 4pm on Friday 11 June 2021.

If the election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday 8 July 2021,

between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer

by midnight on Tuesday 22 June 2021.

You can see the full public notice by clicking on Election 


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      If you  wish to add information, or comment on a page,

please email the Parish Clerk who will pass on the information to the editor. 

You can write to  the Clerk by clicking on email  the Council   or    

you can telephone the Clerk on 07734 720662

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