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Planning Applications

ing Applications and how to respond to them

Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) introduced a new scheme of delegation for planning applications in November 2015. This should speed up the planning process for applications that are non-contentious. The new process relies on the parish council, District councillor and residents commenting on planning applications by either supporting them or objecting to them. If neither the parish council, nor the District councillor, disagree with the decision the case officer was minded to make, then at least three other letters opposing this view must be received by SCDC within the 21 day period for comment. Only when this happens will a decision be made about whether to refer the application to the Planning Committee. In all other cases, the case officer’s decision shall be final.

Objections should be confined to “material planning considerations” or they will not be referred to the Planning Committee. Please contact the parish clerk if you’d like a list of material planning considerations. If you do send any comments about a planning application, it would be helpful if you could copy these to the parish clerk. The Parish Council will be asked to confirm that they wish an application to be referred to the Planning Committee should the appropriate trigger point be reached and will therefore need to be aware of any comments made.

Helpful information for dealing with plannning applications can be found at  www.planninghelp.org    

Applications under Parish Council consideration

Details of all planning applications are also on the SCDC website - click here   You can find them using the DC/15/.... number below.

All proposals will be held by the Parish Clerk and may be seen by applying to her. There may be some delay if the documents are temporarily out with Councillors for inspection purposes. Proposals will usually be available at Parish Council meetings.

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DC/21/1575/ARM Orwell Crossing Service Area Approval of reserved matters - details required of areas, landscaping, access, layout, parking, etc  


DC/21/1100/FULL Orwell Cottage, School Hill Modifications to existing conservatory and heating system,   


DC/21/0352/Full Orwell Park Gardens Erection of new 3 bed bungalow  Refused 
172 14/01/21 DC/21/0148/FUL Bramblewood Variation of Condition 2 of DC/20/2311.  
171 04/01/20 DC/20/5161/FUL The Stables, Broke Hall Erection of a two storey rear extension  
170   12/11/20  DC/20/4577 FUL  Dolphins, Mill Piece  Extensions and alterations to existing. New garage.  Permitted 
169 02/11/20 DC/20/4342/ FUL Devonshire House, Amberfield Single storey rear extension  Permitted 
168 13/08/20 DC/20/3188/FUL, Weardale, Mill Piece Self build to convert and expand dwelling into two  Permitted
167 28/07/20 DC/20/2756/FULL Spinners Way, Mill Piece Proposed re-design and extension Permitted
166 20/07/20 DC/20/2638/FUL The Pines,  Construction of a one bay car port.  Permitted
165 29/06/20 DC/20/2311/FUL Bramblewood, Finneys Dft Re-roof allowing for bedrooms and demolish / replace garage  Permitted
164 27/06/20  DC/20/2313/FUL 4 Sawmill  Fist floor loft conversion with roof lights.  Permitted 
163 12/05/20

DC/20/1530 & 1531/FUL Orwell Park School

Buck House - Change of Use to Therapeutic Centre and associate parking, access, walls etc - and Listed Building Consent  Permitted
162 07/04/20

DC/20/1367/VOC Crematorium

Seven Hills - variation of working hours Permitted
161 11/03/20

DC/20/1015/FUL The Cottage, 

Demolition of extensions and replace for new entrance, shower, dining room, etc Permitted
160 11/01/20

DC/20/0060/FUL Ladywood Lodge

Extension.  Permitted
159 15/12/19

DC/19/4745/FUL Dolphins, Mill Piece

Erect a single storey detached outbuilding as garden room and office.   Permitted 
158 11/11/19

DC/19/3829/TPO Orchard Meadow House

Fell 2 Oak, 1 Hazel, 3 Indian Bean, "group" of Conifers causing signs of structural damage and want more light.   Permitted
157  01/09/19

DC/19/3197/FUL The Pines

Remove part rear veranda to construct single storey glazed extension. Permitted 
156 01/09/19

DC/19/3369/TPO Linden House, Broke Hall

Installation of root barrier to reduce subsidence could involve protected trees. Permitted 
155 19/08/19

DC/19/3163/FUL Craigagh Wood

Three bay detached garage Permitted
154 10/06/19

DC/19/1988 OUT  Bucklesham 

Orwell Green Garden Village - see separate pages.  Withdrawn
153 07/03/19

DC/19/0506/FUL 2 Railway Cottages

Granny Annex and Change of Use (Agri - Res) Refused
152 25/02/19

DC/19/0596/FUL Langenfeld, Mill Piece

Conversion of swimming pool into residential annexe Permitted
151 18/02/19

DC/19/0601/FUL Camilla Court

 Provision of additional car parking. 


150 11/11/18

DC/18/3857/FUL 2 Railway Cottages

Proposed Granny Annex Withdrawn
149 19/10/18

DC/18/4188/TPO Gainsborough Hse

Extensive tree felling and reduction. Permitted
148 01/10/18

DC/18/4009/FUL Craigagh Wood, Mill Place 

Extensions & alterations - changes to Outline PP DC/17/2893/OUT Permitted
147 05/08/18

DC/18/2552/FUL Broke Hall

Provision of car park incl fell one yew, infill and excavation, shingle surfacing Permitted 
146 04/07/18

DC/18/2716/FUL Holly View, 

Erection of cart lodge for vehicle parking Permitted
145 17/06/18

DC/18/1897/FUL Buck House OPS

Replacement for DC/15/0606 - demolish & rebuild domestic dwelling in grounds  Permitted
144 28/12/17

DC/17/5425/FUL Wroxton, Finney's

Erection of single storey rear extension Permitted 
143 24/11/17

DC/17/4740/TPO The Cottage, The Street

Crown reduce 3 Yew trees Permitted
142 02/10/17

DC/17/4062/FUL Orwell Park Sch

Convert 2 houses into 4 with associated works 


142 22/09/17

DC/17/3999/FUL Linden House, Broke Hall

Conversion of loft space with two new dormers, en-suite, and re-configuration of stairs.   Permitted
141 11/07/17

DC/17/2893/OUT Mill Piece

Demolition of existing and build two chalet bungalows  Permitted
140 06/06/17

DC/17/2019/FUL George Court

Drop kerb extension for new parking area by No 1. Permitted
139 23/05/17

DC/17/2141/FUL Little Shrublands

Demolish existing and erect two dwellings with garages Permitted
138 12/05/17

DC/17/1788/TPO Chelmers

Crown lift Oaks, Fell Ash Permitted
137 21/04/17

DC/17/1351/OUT Craigagh Wood, Mill Piece

Outline permission to demolish existing  bungalow and replace with two link-detached chalet bungalows Withdrawn 
136 11/04/17

DC/17/0829/FUL Greenways, The Street

Increase ridge height and install window on permitted cart lodge.  Permitted
135 11/04/17

DC/17/1222/LBC Orwell Park Sch

Infill courtyard and internal modifications to increase teaching space.  Permitted
134 08/03/17

DC/17/0969/FUL & LBC The Lodge, Broke Hall

Erection of replacement glazed link and alterations to holiday accommodation on previously permitted application 16/4555   Permitted
133 08/01/17

DC/16/5428/FUL Home Farm

Erection of a 1500 ton bulk onion store at Seven Hills  Permitted
132 14/12/16

DC/16/5062/FUL Queens Park House

Erect a fence along the lane adjacent to the house.   Refused
131 07/11/16

DC/16/4601/FUL 2 Tomline Court

Single store extension, first floor extension, observatory and alterations  Permitted
130 04/11/16 DC/16/4464/FUL Kings Park House New Cart Lodge  Permitted
129 03/11/16

DC/16/4502/FUL Lancaster House, Amberfield

Erection of single store rear extension and two garden outbuildings  Permitted
128 02/11/16 DC/16/4330/LBC The Lodge, Broke Hall Park Retention of balcony, solar panel, and proposed infill of existing porch  Permitted
127 15/09/16 DC/16/3717/TPO Orwell Dene Dismantle Copper Beech due to infestation and replace.  Permitted
126 24/08/16 DC/16/3440/TPO Chelmers,   Pollard by 50% Robina tree at rear of house.  Permitted
125 18/08/16 DC/16/3367/FUL Linden Lea Single storey side extension and new porch  Permitted
124 10/08/16 DC/16/3149/TPO Broke Hall Fell, crown lift, remove damage on multiple oaks in park    Permitted
123 15/07/16 DC/16/2822/FUL Crematorium Wreath Court to existing facility  Permitted
122 12/07/16 DC/16/2624/OUT Little Shrublands Build a single storey, 3 bedroom bungalow in garden of property  Permitted
121 17/05/16 DC/16/1871/FUL The Stables, Broke Hall Park Constructions of a single storey rear extension and minor alterations to dwelling.  Permitted
120 07/04/16 DC/16/1376/FUL Windsor Cottage Erection of a cart lodge  Permitted
119 04/04/16 DC/16/1248/FUL Under Sholland Two bay cart lodge with store over  Permitted
118 31/03/16 DC/16/1261/FUL Grooms Cottage, Broke Hall Park With DC/16/1262 Listed Building Consent for erection of a two bay car port.    Permitted
117 24/03/16 DC/16/1210/FUL Gainsborough House Erection of 3 Storey dwelling c/w office and garage    Permitted
116 17/03/16 DC/16/1045/TPO Orchard Meadow House Thin and lift two oak trees, remove ( or part) bough from one in adjoining property.  Permitted
115 22/02/16 DC/16/0458/VOC Woodview Variation of DC/14/4153 - extension, porch & amended internal layout.  Permitted
114 17/02/16 DC/16/0603/FUL Orwell Park Gardens Internal & external alterations, 2 extensions, cart lodge, landscaping    Permitted
113 30/01/16 DC/16/0213 FUL 1 The Bungalows,  The Street New conservatory  Permitted
112 24/12/15 DC/15/5113/LBC Grooms Cottage, Broke Hall Internal alterations and erection of steel flue  Permitted  Amended  
111 23/12/15 DC/15/5013/FUL 2 Railway Cottages Two storey side extension  Permitted
110 28/11/15 DC/15/4555/FUL The Lodge, Broke Hall Conversion of garage into holiday let  Permitted
109 12/10/15 DC/15/3949/FUL Westbank, The Street Single Storey rear extension for garden room / conservatory  Permitted
108 05/10/15 DC/15/3889/FUL Orwell Park School Construction of "Adventure Zone" SW of main school, play equipmwent etc.  Permitted
107 05/10/15 DC/15/3699/VOC Orwell Crossing Services Variation of conditions 2,2b,& 9 of C02/0788  Permitted
106 05/10/15 DC/15/3768/FUL Orwell Crossing Erect workshop,/office for lorry repairs, fencing & hardstanding  Permitted
105 10/08/15 DC/15/2719/FUL Anchor Cottage Demolition of stable block and build sustainable dwelling and workshop  Permitted
104 17/07/15 DC/15/2333/FUL Ashleigh, Finney's Drift Single storey rear extension  Permitted
103 11/07/15 DC/15/2251/LBC Orwell Park School Removal of a pair of UPVC doors replace with timber  - staff room  Permitted
102 11/07/15 DC/15/2167/FUL Mulberry Lodge Infill extension  Permitted
101 17/05/15 DC/15/1708/PNH Ashleigh, Finney's Drift Single storey rear extension - 4.3 mtr. See DC/15/2333  Refused
100 07/05/15 DC/15/1590/FUL Woodview Erection of detached two storey dwelling.  Permitted
99 24/04/15 DC/15/1511/LBC /1510/FUL 2 Orangery,  Broke Hall Relocation of existing boiler from external wall to garden wall  Permitted
98 21/04/15 DC/15/1298/FUL Chestnuts - Broke Hall Park Minor works to potting shed and adjoining boundry wall  Permitted
97 18/04/15 DC/15/1316/FUL Broke Hall Lodge Enclosure of covered terrace, new doors and windows first floor (listed bld)    Permitted
96 12/04/15 DC/15/1175/FUL Woodview, School Hill Single storey front extension  Permitted  
95 29/03/15 DC/15/1174/LBC Orwell Park School Refurbishment and internal alterations for new library.  Permitted
94 09/03/15 DC/15/0691/FUL Orwell Park School Provide two new classrooms to existing pre-pre school  Permitted
93 09/03/15 DC/15/0497/LBC  Orwell Park School - Buck Hse Alterations to listed wall (replacement C12/0570)  Permitted
92 09/03/15 DC/15/0606/FUL  Orwell Park School - Buck Hse Erection of replacement dwelling (replacement application C12/0569)    Permitted
91 18/02/15 DC/15/0509/FUL Linden Lea, Finneys Drift Erection of a side entrance and double garage  Permitted
90 18/02/15 DC/15/0376/FUL Broke Hall New entrance gates  Permitted
89 12/02/15 DC/14/4153/FUL 1 & 2 Woodview One and a half storey rear extension,  porches, and alterations  Permitted
88 13/01/14 DC/15/0033/TPO Linden House, Broke Hall   Fell two  sycamores to allow adjacend oak to grow.  Permitted
87 23/12/14 DC/14/3613/LBC Chestnuts, Broke Hall Reduce height to section of garden wall.  Permitted
86 14/12/14 DC/14/4039/TPO The Lodge, Broke Hall Fell one sycamore, reduce and lift Holm oak crown, coppice sycamore woodland.  Permitted
85 06/12/14 DC/14/3970/TPO Linden House, Broke Hall Fell one ash, fell  sycamore (decayed), remove dead holly stem and reduce tree height.    Permitted
84 16/11/14 DC/14/3606/VOC Amberfield Variation of many conditions of original.  Permitted
83 07/11/14 DC/14/3290/FUL Greenways, The Street Alterations and extension to house.  Permitted
82 16/10/14 DC/14/3184/FUL Gainsborough House Demolition of existing and build two 2 storey dwellings with additional access


81 02/10/14 DC/14/2916/FUL Langenfield, Mill Piece Clad the property with cement fibre board in grey/green  Permitted
80 28/09/14 DC/14/3008/FUL Orwell Meadows Leasure Park Demolish existing storage building and construct three holiday cottages  Permitted
79 20/08/14 DC/14/2581/FUL Timberlake, Finney's Drift External Insulation and timber cladding to existing dwelling    Permitted
78 18/07/14 DC/14/1992/FUL The Pines, Ipswich Road Extension, alterations and partial re-roofing  Permitted
77 25/04/14 DC/14/1093/VOC Variations to building at Amberfied conditions 2,5,6,8,11-21.  Permitted
76 19/03/14 DC/14/0745/AGO Land North West of Ladywood House / Ipswich Road - contruction of new reservoir.  Allowed
75 19/03/14 DC/14/085/DOC Trinity Park - Additional use for two day msic event  Permitted
74 01/03/14 DC/14/0556 Seven Hills Crematorium                                         New wreath court, covered way and canopy  Permitted
73 02/03/14 DC/14/0554 4,Sawmill Lane Single storey rear extension and erection of opensided car port to side of garage  Permitted
72 16/01/14 DC/14/0037 Silver Birches Errection of a garage for dwelling approved in C13/2355  Permitted
71 21/12/13 C13/3642 Orwell Meadows Leisure Park, Priory Park Erection of new steel workshop and store    Permitted
70 08/10/13 C13/2923 Nightingale Cottage, The Street Erection of a detached double garage  Permitted
69 12/09/13 C13/2159 Greenways, The Street Erection of a cart lodge with two car spaces in the front garden adjacent to Village Hall  Permitted
68 10/09/13 C13/2355 Resubmission of C13/0957 (Sliver Birches) Erection of a single storey dwelling on land adjacent to Silver Birches with new entrance to Silver Birches.  Permitted
67 14/07/13 C13/0111 Orchard Meadow House, Broke Hall Park Crown lift two oaks and reduce by 30%  Permitted
66 14/07/13 C13/1233 Crematorium Variation of operating hours to 23:00 weekdays and 17:00 on Saturdays    Permitted
65 26/06/13 C13/1126  Orwell Park School Internal alterations to principal corridor, together with replacement doors  Granted
64 26/06/13 C13/1125 Orwell Park School Proposed multi-use games area and paving to main entrance (revised)  Granted
63 23/05/13 C13/0991 Orwell Park School

Floodlighting to sports field

 Granted (Restrictions)
62 17/05/13 C13/0957 Land adjacent to Silver Birches Single storey dwelling on ground adjacent to Silver Birches with new entrance Withdrawn
61 23/04/13 C13/00060/TPO   Buttermans, Broke Hall Park To reduce extend limbs on T1 Holm Oak by 3 to 4 metres. Granted
60 11/04/13 C13/0628 Unit 6, The Shannon Rooms, Broke Hall Park Erection of 1.8m high brick wall between exisitng sub-station and west-facing wall to Shannon House Granted
59 17/04/13   C13/0639 Woodlands, Ipswich Road Erection of extensions and alterations to dwelling and erection of detached garage Granted
58  15/04/13 C13/0617 Amberfield School Conversion and re-development to provide 22 dwellings with associated gardens, amenity space, driveways, parking, open space and landscaping Granted
57 20/03/13 C13/0461 Orwell Park School External multi-use fenced games area with cricket net system Granted
56 14/03/13 C13/0272 Nacton Village Hall Single storey extension to existing kitchen on South side of building Granted
55 14/03/13 C13/0317 Orchard Meadow House One and half storey extensions to form pool room, utility /shower  room, and garaging   Granted
54 01/11/12 C12/2038 Nr Orwell Park Gardens Construct a lay-by for access to new pumping station Withdrawn  
53 01/11/12 C12/2037 Nr Amberfield Construct a lay-by for access to new pumping station Granted
52 04/08/12 C12/1636 1 Ladywood Cottages Erection of two storey side extension Granted
51 27/07/12 C12/1471 Fox's Carr Quarry Non-compliance of condition 22 of planning app C97/0568 No objection
50 25/07/12 C12/1346  5 Orangery, Broke Hall Install secondary double glazing to  windows and  door. Granted
49 29/05/12 C12/1171   Village Hall Erection of BT telegraph pole on verge in front of hall No objection
48 28/04/12 C12/0721   1 Home Farm Cotts Erection of a single storey rear extension Granted
47 08/04/12 C12/0700 Shannons, Broke Hall To brick up window and remove recess, build fitted unit and replace flooring to second bedroom Granted  
46 05/04/12 C12/0666 6 Priory Court Erection of a greenhouse Granted
45 30/03/12 C12/0570 Buck House (OPS) Alterations to wall to provide access Granted
44 30/03/12 C12/0569 Orwell Park School Proposal to erect a new dweilling (Buck House) and side garage. Alteration to side wall to widen access and change of use to school grounds to form a garden Granted
43 15/02/12 C12/0418 St Martin's Church Erection of a small cabin in courner of churchyard to accomodate a composting toilet. Granted
42 11/03/12 C12/0036 TPO Chelmers   Work on 13 oak trees, sweet chestnuts,  and a honey locust Granted in parts
41 5/03/12 C12/0430 Oak Trees. Mill Piece Erection of a single storey side extension Granted
40 23/02/12 C12/0364 Gainsborough House Application for a time extension for C09/0755 - erection of a dwelling and garage (existing to be demolished) Granted
39 26/02/12 C12/0028 TPO Orwell Dene Application to fell a yew tree. Granted
38 4/11/11 C11/2387 Orwell Park School   Erection of new Junior School consisting of four classrooms, hall and ancillary areas plus landscaping. Demolition/removal of   temporary buildings currently used as existing junior school   Granted  



C11/1700 Priory Court

Erection of a summer house




C/11/1727 Park Farm Barn,

Listed building application - replacement windows with aluminium same design, colour and size.




C/11/1703 Kimblewood,   The Street

Erection of extensions to existing property and construction of a detached garage and workshop




C11/1582 Camellia House, Orwell Park School

Internal and external alterations including new shower and re-location of wood burning stove.
At the Parish Meeting on 27th July the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/1665 3 Orangery, Broke Hall Park

Installation of external oil-fired boiler and oil tank. Installation of internal radiators.  At the Parish Meeting on 27th July the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/1455 Lower Sholland

Alterations and extensions to provide second floor accommodation  At the Parish Meeting on 27th July the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/0846 Finneys Cottage, Finneys Drift

Erection of a two-storey side extension (existing removed). Replace rear flat roof with pitched roof and form three off-road parking spaces. At the Parish Meeting on 27th April the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/0781 Orwell Park Lodge, Church Road

Erection of a single storey rear extension.
At the Parish Meeting on 27th April the Council decided not to comment on this application




C11/697 Kimberley, The Street

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a single storey dwelling. At the Parish Meeting on 27th April the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C 11/737 A14 Nacton Parish Boundary

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use - building associated with a smallholding. At the Parish Meeting on 27th April the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/626 Hilltop, Ipswich Road

Erection of a detached single storey store/shed building with lean-to open-sided log store.
At its meeting on 30th March the Council decided not to comment on this application.





C11/ 615 Mulberry Lodge

Erection of detached single storey extension and three bay cart lodge.
At it's meeting on 30th March the Council decided not to comment on this application




C11/0531 Seven Hills Crematorium

Construction of extension to provide staff changing room, new building for a Book of Remembrance, and a visitor refreshments building. At its meeting on 30th March the Council decided not to comment on this application.




C11/0366 Home Farm

Construction of another 1,500 ton bulk onion store at Seven Hills off the A1156 Felixstowe Road.
The Council did not to comment on this application.




C 11/0126 Kings Park House

Application for retention of existing mobile home for permanent residential use.
The Council did not to comment on this application.




C10/2312 Grooms Cottage, Broke Hall Park

Erection of single-storey extension together with internal and external alterations including removal of  roof lights and chimney. The Council did not comment on this application.




C10/2157 Shannon House, Broke Hall Park

Further Listed Building Works application for internal alterations for installation of various units, the laying of stone, marble and walnut flooring, hanging stone wall tiles and building stud walls.
The Council did not comment on this application.




C10/1882 Porters Covert - East Suffolk Crematorium

Installation of two external illuminated signs on the crematorium gate buttress walls. The Council did not comment on this application




C10/1429, Home Farm - Felixstowe Road

Erection of Agricultural building for grain storage and farm equipment storage.  At the meeting on 23rd June the Council proposed not to comment on this application.




C/10/1075, Buttermans, Broke Hall Park

Listed building consent and full planning permission has been applied for a proposed front entrance extension and garden room rear extension and internal and external alterations.  At the meeting on 26th May the Council proposed not to comment on this application.




C10/0803 Shannon House, Broke Hall Park

Listed Building Works application for external and internal alterations including the removal of partition walls, replacement of staircase, alterations to chimney, insertion of new fireplace, insertion of archway, relocation of meter cabinet, and installation of secondary double glazing and cornice. The Council proposed not to comment on this application.




C10/0688 St Martin's Church

Extension to NW corner of  north aisle to accommodate two toilets and storage area
At its meeting on 31st March 2010 the Council agreed to support the application with slight reservation on the proposed roofing materials.




C10/0065 Hallowtree  Scout Campsite

Erection of a wardens' day hut including rest room, kitchen, toilet, meeting room and store.
At its meeting on 27th January 2010 the Council had no objection to this proposal.




C09/0112/TPO Gainsborough House

Tree Works Order under agreed Planning Consent C09/0755 to carry out coppicing, pruning, and felling. Woodland Management Plan. At its meeting on 23rd September 2009 the Council agreed not to comment on this proposal.




C09/1090  Foxtrail Place, Church Road

Extension and alterations to existing bungalow and erection of a garage. At its meeting on 27th August 2009 the Council had no objection to this proposal.




C09/1057 Rockstead

Proposal to amend planning permission granted for Plot 2 at Rockstead, now to include a basement comprising a games room, study, shower and store.  At its meeting on July 29th 2009 the Council agreed not comment on this proposal




C09/1007    73 Priory Park

Proposal for the erection of a small porch.
At its meeting on July 16th 2009 the Council agreed not comment on this proposal




C09/1002 Home Farm

Proposal for the erection of an agricultural spray store.  At its meeting on July 16th 2009 the Council agreed not comment on this proposal
SCDC have no objections

No objections



C09/0755 Sholland Hill

Proposal for a three-storey modern house replacing existing building. At its meeting on 18th June the council had, and received from the public, various concerns including the height of the rear veranda and the severity of the southern aspect. These have been communicated to SCDC.




C09/0567 Rockstead

Erection of a garage to proposed dwelling no 2 (permission granted Oct 08 with no garage). The Council agreed not to comment on this proposal




C09/0548 Lagenfield, Mill Piece

Erection of single storey front  and rear extensions  and insertion of door and window. At its meeting on 22nd April 2009 the Council had no objection to this proposal.




C09/0410 Admirals Cellar, Broke Hall, Nacton

Remove dry lining and concrete floor screed to provide drain membrane and replace gully - damp treatment. At its meeting on 25th March 2009 the Council agreed not to comment on this proposal.




C09/0043, Camellia House, Orwell Park School, Nacton

Listed Building Consent to install flue pipe for wood burning stove. At its meeting on 25th March 2009 the Council agreed not to comment on this proposal.




C/08/1504 (RS) Hastoe

Six affordable houses on land north of The Cottage, The Street, Nacton.  At the meeting on 5th February the Council had no objection to this proposal but again expressed concerns about the proposed colour schemes and requested that external lighting was minimised.




B/08/01923 Woolverstone Marina

Erection of eight external lighting columns
At the meeting on 28th January 2009 the Council had no objection to this proposal but asked, in accordance with the Council's policy, that light pollution be minimised and that time-switches are installed to minimise environmental effects.




C08/1623 82 Priory Court, Priory Park

Proposed erection of a geenhouse.
At the meeting on 14th October the Council had no objection to this proposal.




C08/1753 Nightingale Cottage, The Street

Proposed raising height of ridge level of main roof to 7m (was 5.5m) and extensions to either side of the kitchen wing to incorporate utility room and sunroom. At the meeting on 14th October the Council had no objection to this proposal