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Planning Applications and Public Consultations

Planning Applications and how to respond to them

The Planning Application process relies on the parish council, District councillor (East Suffolk District Council - ESDC) and residents commenting on planning applications by either supporting them or objecting to them. If neither the parish council, nor the District councillor, disagree with the decision the case officer was minded to make, then at least three other letters opposing this view must be received by ESDC within the 21 day period for comment. Only when this happens will a decision be made about whether to refer the application to the Planning Committee. In all other cases, the case officer’s decision shall be final.

Objections should be confined to “material planning considerations” or they will not be referred to the Planning Committee. Please contact the parish clerk if you’d like a list of material planning considerations. If you do send any comments about a planning application, it would be helpful if you could copy these to the parish clerk

Helpful information for dealing with planning applications can be found at  www.planninghelp.org    

Applications under Parish Council consideration

Details of all planning applications are on the East Suffolk District Council website - CLICK HERE  

Here you will find details of the public consultations being held by Suffolk County, District, or Parish Councils: 

East Suffolk Council (Nacton Footpath No1(part)) Public Path Diversion Order 2023 - Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 257


RoW.010.Sealed & dated Order

RoW.010.Nacton1.-notice-press&presc orgs

RoW.010.Nacton 1 - Explanatory statement