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Your Parish Council

There are normally nine Parish Councillors, but currently there is a vacancy : -

You can see who they are and how to contact them by clicking on COUNCILLORS 

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, please contact the clerk HERE.   

Nacton is in the Orwell and Villages Ward of East Suffolk District Council which is part of Suffolk County Council.   

Register of Interests.  

The computerised Register of Interests for each Councillor, maintained by East Suffolk District Council that includes Councillors declarations can be found by clicking on INTERESTS and scrolling down to Nacton in the drop down list.  

Councillor's Code of Conduct.

The Council adopted a Code of Conduct for Councillor's at it's AGM on 11th May 2022.

You can have a look at it by clicking HERE.

There is guidance provided for new councillors which can be found HERE.

Your Parish Clerk is: - 

Clare Lucas 

17, George Elliston Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP3 8XQ




County & District Councillors

The Councillors representing Nacton are: -

District Councillors 

 Orwell and Villages Ward  

Michael Richardson

You can email him by clicking HERE 


Richard Kerry  You can email him by clicking HERE  
County Councillor

 Suffolk County Council

Patti Mulcahy

You can email her by clicking HERE




The Tree Warden is: -

For all advice about trees  and hedgerows: -

William Cook



The Parish Council's Management Rules  

Click on ORDERS  to see the rules governing the Council, or click on FINANCE to see the financial controls that are in place. 

The Parish Council's Publication Scheme

Nacton Parish Council's publication scheme can be found HERE.  Please contact the clerk for information about what, when, and where you may obtain information about the Council as required by  the Freedom of Information Act.         

The Parish Council's documents are scrutinised regularly against a timetable. Click on TIMETABLE to see the review schedule.


Want to complain or raise an issue?  

You can find the PC's procedure here: COMPLAINTS  This procedure is for use in complaining about the actions, or inaction, of the Council.

For complaints or issues please contact the Chair or Clerk.