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East Suffolk Council

The Communities Team would like to meet people in their own communities, and offer the chance to hear your views on what matters to you.
We will be offering refreshments and an informal chat on Friday 20th September at the village hall, 13.30 – 15.30.


The Outline Planning Application made for the "Orwell Green Garden Village" has been withdrawn. 

The proposal was for 2700 houses and services at Foxhall.

For all the details click on "Public Consultations" in the Parish Council pages. 


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For your local road-works click ROADWORKS and enter Nacton into the search box.


Repairs are to occur on the Orwell Bridge during October.

For the details click on BRIDGE.


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     If you  wish to add information, or comment on a page,

please email the Parish Clerk who will pass on the information to the editor. 

You can write to  the Clerk by clicking on email  the Council   or    

you can telephone the Clerk on 01473 736519.

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