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Your Parish Council

The people who make up your Parish Council are: -

Gillian Bence-Jones, Ros Eaton, Robert Giles, Brian Hunt (Chairman), Jos Leeder, Malcolm Robson, Andrew Slater, Paula Warner (Deputy Chair) and Judith Wyndham.  

You can find their contact details by clicking HERE  


Register of Interests.  

The computerised Register of Interests for each Councillor, maintained by Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC), is currently unavailable while the system is being replaced. The link to view the register, previously here, has been removed and will be replaced once the new system is available.  If you have any concerns regarding this please contact the Parish Clerk.

Councillor's Code of Coduct.

The Council adopted a  Code of Conduct for  Councilors at it's AGM on 27th May 2015. You can have a look at it by clicking HERE  .

Your Parish Clerk is: -


Sue Brown

Mill Cottage, Newbourne Road,Bucklesham, IP10 0BY

01473 736519 or email

County & District Councilors

The  Councilors representing Nacton are: -

District Councillor    

Nicky Yeo


Walk Farm House, Felixstowe Road,  Levington,

 IP10 0LR

01473 655624

07895 137374

County Councillor    

Patricia O'Brien


Hill House, Newbourne Road

Bucklesham, IP10 0BU

01394 448228 Work

0799 481369 Mobile  


The Tree Warden is: -

For all advice about trees  and hedgerows: -

William Cook

The Pines, Ipswich Road


The Parish Council's Management Rules  

Click on ORDERS  to see the rules governing the Council, or click on FINANCE  to see  the financial controls that are in place.



The Parish Council's Publication Scheme

May be examined by clicking on TELL ME. This is a document  outlining who, what, when, and where you may obtain information about the Council as required by  the Freedom of Information Act.          

The Parish Council's documents are scrutinised regularly against a timetable. Click TIMETABLE to see the review schedule.


Want to complain?   - start HERE !