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Orwell Green Garden Village

The proposed Orwell Green Garden Village is sited at Foxhall between the A12 and A14 and was promoted by Gladman Developments Ltd last year for its possible inclusion in the draft Local Plan. There was some local engagement in October and November 2018 though the site was not included. 


East Suffolk District Council has now received an Outline Planning Application with all matters reserved except for means of access for the erection of up to 2,700 dwellings to include 33% affordable housing, apartments with C2 care, vehicular access from a new roundabout off the A12, improvements to Felixstowe Road (pedestrian/cycle footways); accesses and two roundabouts on Bucklesham Road. The layout is to incorporate neighbourhood centres, a market square, two primary schools, green infrastructure including a village green, sports pitches and courts, club house, changing facilities, a community park and car park, trim trail, a neighbourhood equipped areas of play, locally equipped areas of play, habitat enhancement, landscaping and public realm works, community orchard, allotments, footpaths and cycling routes. Existing on site reservoirs will be removed.


A four week consultation period is due to commence 5th June and the application will have a determination period of 16 weeks running until mid September. Parish clerks will be receiving specific consultation letters. Ben Woolnough (01394 444593) will be the case officer for this application, supported by Jane Rodens - Area Planning and Enforcement Officer (01394 444505). If you have any queries then please feel free to contact either of them. If doing so by email then please send it to majorsites@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.  


It is appreciated that this submission may be unexpected and, due to its scale and complexity, it is accompanied by a lengthy Environmental Statement and a wide range of supporting documents. A great deal of consideration will be given to the possible cumulative effects of this proposal alongside existing committed plans in the area. Based on our experience working closely on the Adastral Park (Brightwell Lakes) planning application it is recognised that this will be very time consuming for Parish Councils and will generate considerable public interest, East Suffolk Planning will assist with advice on the proposals where possible.


Site Location Plan

Illustrative Masterplan

Planning Statement